Caribbean Citizenship Summit 2016 vol.1


January 21, 2016 marked the end of the NTL Caribbean Citizenship Summit held in Antigua, St. Kitts & Nevis, Grenada and St. Lucia, which recruited more than 50 attendees from 12 different countries, gathered major players in the Citizenship by Investment industry, and aroused great interest among offshore and immigration professionals

Lawyers, financial consultants, wealth managers, immigration agents, and individual investors had the unique opportunity to discuss developments in global markets concentrating on the new schemes and changes to the Citizenship by Investment Programmes (CIP) offered in the Caribbean.

NTL’s approach to Citizenship Summits is vastly different than most firms in that we offer a one-of-a-kind ‘boots on the ground’ opportunity for guests with a chance to learn more about second citizenships, international asset protection and wealth planning, tour the latest Real Estate Approved Projects for Citizenship… all the while enjoying an idyllic Caribbean experience.  

Speakers at the Summit included representatives from all Caribbean Citizenship Programmes; the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Honourable Gaston Browne; Prime Minister of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, Honourable Timothy Harris; Primer of Nevis Island, Honourable Vance Amory; and Mr. Thomas Anthony and David Holukoff, leaders of the Antigua and Grenada Citizenship Programmes, respectively. 

“We provide important information to unanswered questions and show the distinctive flavours of the Caribbean as it is; each island has an active and involved Government, specialized real estate options with rising market conditions and trends, and the local lifestyle can’t be beat,” said Robert Martin, NTL Immigration Director.  “The event was very successful, and we know how to make the next one even more useful and individualized. The West Indies has a vast array of opportunities to offer professionals in immigration and offshore industries, as well as HNWI from all over the globe. “

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The Caribbean Citizenship Summit was an efficient and great way to get informed about the different citizenship by investment programs offered in the Caribbean.
— Jordan Lanoue, Montreal, Canada
I definitely recommend Caribbean Citizenship Summit! Visit Caribbean and look at the developments, approved by CIP - this is a must for every professional of immigration industry!
— Oleg Lemeshko, Elma Global, Russia
What gave me Caribbean Citizenship Summit?
First of all, I met Prime Ministers and government officials, and saw their interest in developing Citizenship by Investment programmes in their countries.
Secondly, the most complete and up-to-date information from the horse’s mouth. All participants had the opportunity to define an unlimited number of questions and discuss the many nuances with officials, experienced specialists in the field of economic citizenship, as well as real estate developers.
Thirdly, the ability to feel each country, and particularly its culture in order to better understand their product and, accordingly, to be more convincing customers. This is exactly the case when it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.
And of course, two weeks caressing sun, warm sea, breathtaking sunsets, landscapes and a positive charge on the many weeks ahead!
I will definitely recommend to my colleagues the next Summit! I believe that this is a unique chance to get a huge amount of practical information in a short period of time.
— Anna Babaskina, LowtaxPRO, Ukraine
The Summit was a really great experience to get to know the Caribbean and the Citizenship by Investment Program that is offered in the different countries of the area, essentially if the investment way is considered. Moreover, the Summit gave me the opportunity to meet worldwide professionals and even make wonderful friends.
— Immigration agent, Andorra
I would like to whole-heartedly thank the organizers of the Summit. It was interesting, very informative, sincerely and from the heart. You are all very welcoming and extremely friendly.
I got the main thing for which I decided to come to Summit: I got to know NTL team, see that you are all serious professionals, that I can deal with you. And your partners are also good guys, competent and honest.
But it was also great to see and understand the Caribbean, and get a taste of island life.
Now, on my return to Russia, I felt like I was in paradise. A pleasant sadness.
I hope we will meet again.
— HNWI, Russia
"The Caribbean Summit is a great opportunity to tour real estate in the Caribbean and network with industry insiders, it is a must attend event for  anyone involved with international immigration by investment." 
Edmund John founder of,,
The Caribbean Citizenship Summit is very valuable, as it provides the following:

· General idea and understanding of the Caribbean lifestyle, culture and infrastructure

· Introduction to many of the approved Real Estate projects on each island and knowledge of the specific requirements

· Gives valuable knowledge on each immigration program. Information provided directly from the source.

· Networking with government representatives, local agents, local bankers, real-estate agents and representatives from many international companies in the field of Immigration and Corporate services.

The Summit gives you unique opportunity to get the feeling of the Caribbean, learn while Enjoying fully every moment of it due to the excellent organizational skills of the NTL Team.

Thank you All for providing us with such a Beautiful Experience.
— Adelina Santis, Head of Immigration Services, Laveco Limited